Draw Superman Step 6

Step 6: Draw Superman's eyes sitting on top of the horizontal line and on either side of the vertical line. They consist of two small lines with a half circle under each as the pupil.


Draw Superman Step 7

Step 7: Above each eye, draw a thick shape similar to an upside-down check mark for Superman's eyebrows. Angle the eyebrows down toward his nose to give him that heroic stare.


Draw Superman Step 8

Step 8: Use the small horizontal line as a guide to draw Superman's nose. The nose is basically a line that begins at the eyebrow, goes down to the right side of the small horizontal line and then goes back left to create an angle. Draw a tiny curved line on the left for Superman's nostril.


Draw Superman Step 9

Step 9: Draw a horizontal line under the nose near the bottom half of the original circle for his mouth. Draw another horizontal line of the same length under that line, but draw this line just outside the original circle for Superman's bottom lip.


Draw Superman Step 10

Step 10: On the left side of the circle under the horizontal construction line, draw a curved line similar to the letter C for Superman's ear. Draw a few curved lines within the ear for the inner structure.

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