Draw Aang Avatar 11

Step 11: Now learn how to draw Aang's smiling mouth, which sits right on top of the smallest construction line. The top of this Avatar character's mouth is a horizontal line, and the bottom part is a curved line. Draw Aang's teeth inside by adding two small lines on the sides inside the shape of the mouth. Draw a small line on the outside at the bottom for the lower lip of Avatar Aang, the last airbender.


Draw Aang Avatar 12

Step 12: Use the curved lines on the sides of Aang's head as guides to draw the ears. Darken the lines and make them wider at the top than the bottom. Draw a few curved lines within the shape to create the inner ear structure.

Draw Aang Avatar 13

Step 13: Use the original circle and jaw line as a guide to draw the rest of Aang's head. Simply follow the path of the guides and darken the line all the way around.


Draw Aang Avatar 14

Step 14: Now learn how to draw the arrow on top of Aang's head. The point of the arrow is between his eyebrows on top of the vertical construction line. Then it moves up and creates a sort of V shape. After that it moves toward the back of Aang's head.

Draw Aang Avatar 15

Step 15: Draw the top part of Aang's collar under the head. The shape is similar to and oval but with a V-like line at the bottom for the collar's opening.

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