Draw Ichigo Step 11

Step 11: Use the vertical construction line and the bottom of the circle as guides to draw Ichigo Kurosaki's nose. Draw a long line that starts at the right eyebrow, angles out a bit then ends at the bottom of the circle. On the left side of that line, draw a tiny line to represent Ichigo's nostril.


 Draw Ichigo Step 12

Step 12: Under Ichigo Kurosaki's nose draw a small horizontal line for his mouth. Notice how most of the line is on the left side of the vertical construction line. You can curl the ends of the line up a little bit to give him a smirk.


 Draw Ichigo Step 13

Step 13: Use the C-shaped line on the left as a guide to draw Ichigo's ear. Make it angle more at the top and the side. Draw a few lines within the shape to represent the inner structure of Ichigo's ear.


 Draw Ichigo Step 14

Step 14: Ichigo Kurosaki's hair is a bit tricky, so it's divided into two parts. Draw the front part of his hair with a series of zig-zag lines across his forehead. The spikes on the left side go down below his ear, and the rest stop at about his eyebrows. The top of the spikes go up to about halfway between the horizontal construction line and the top of the circle.


 Draw Ichigo Step 15

Step 15: Now go around Ichigo's head drawing more spikes that start on the left side of the neck and end on the right side of the main circle near the right eye. Don't draw all the spikes the same size. Alternate between big and small; make it random. Use the image above for further reference.

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